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AgraCat farm tractors

Founded in the year 1999, AgraCat is a US-based tractor importer that operates from its headquarters located in Arkansas. The company remained in operation at the beginning of the 2000s and offered various Chinese origin tractors to the locals. In 2002, an agreement was signed with AFS, with the primary goal of rescuing AgraCat from its financial difficulties. Following that, AFS played a critical role in the operations, with AFS management making all major decisions. After declaring bankruptcy, AgraCat ceased operations in 2004. As a result, AFS established Montana Tractors as a standalone brand, employing many AgraCat employees. Furthermore, dealerships that previously served AgraCat entered into agreements with Montana Tractors, and the company's business flourished as a result. However, AgraCat vanished from the list of tractor manufacturers, and thus, very few AgraCat products are still in existence. AgraCat was only able to offer eight tractor models throughout its operations. This figure was dramatically lower than what several other competitors were offering at the time. Further to that, these were compact machines that sported 20 to 35 hp engines which made them unusable for most farmers. This was one of the primary reasons that AgraCat could not survive in the market. Some of the tractor models offered by AgraCat included but were not limited to 3720, 2910 and 254.

List of tractor models

Model Power Year of production start Year of production end
254 25 hp 2001 2004
2710 20 hp 2001 2004
2720 20 hp 2001 2004
2740 20 hp 2001 2004
2910 25 hp 2001 2004