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Agrico farm tractors

Paul Andrag founded Agrico, a South African agricultural machinery importer and manufacturer. Since the company and its sister firms are over a century old, they are best suited to meeting the needs of locals. The company's initial goal was to provide local farmers with European machinery that would help them perform their daily tasks more easily. Paul founded the company on his own, but over time, he was joined by his five sons, who played pivotal roles in the post-World War II era. During its early years, the company acquired agencies from a variety of multinational corporations, including KSB Pumps, Lanz tractors, Deutz engines, and John Deere tractors. The Agrico Machinery (Pvt) Limited was established in the 1950s to resume the import of Lanz tractors, which had ceased in the post-World War II days. Agrico merged with Andrag in 2010 to help it become more efficient in manufacturing, marketing, and distribution. During its history, the company has offered a total of six tractor models with horsepower ranging from 228 to 550 hp. Some of the tractor models offered by Agrico included but were not limited to 4+400, 4+160 and 4+320.

List of tractor models

Model Power Year of production start Year of production end
4+125 228 hp 2011 2011