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AgTrac Tractors farm tractors

AgTrac is a US-based tractor importer that was initiated in 2003 for offering Chinese origin KAMA tractors to local customers. It operated from its headquarters based in Clarksville, Arkansas, USA. 2006 was a momentous year in the history of the company as it entered an agreement with Dongfeng, resultantly AgTrac got the authorization of selling tractors of this brand as well. However, tough financial conditions forced the company into bankruptcy in 2010 and thus within 7 years of its formation, AgTrac went out of business. As a result, it is not currently included in the list of US tractor importers. After facing such hard times, ARTRAC took over the charge and filled in the space left by AgTrac. AgTrac Tractors offered three different models throughout its operations. The company’s limited resources became one of the paramount reasons that led to its demise because competitors offered larger and better options, which AgTrac's product line lacked. The machines offered by AgTrac varied in power from 25 to 35 hp and were thus designed to address the requirements of small clients having nominal requirements. The tractor models offered by AgTrac included AT2514, AT3024 and AT3814.

List of tractor models

Model Power Year of production start Year of production end
AT2514 25 hp 2007 2017
AT3024 30 hp 2007 2017
AT3814 35 hp 2007 2017