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AMF farm tractors

AMF was the acronym for American Machine and Foundry. It was a US based lawn tractor manufacturer that operated for almost a decade in the 1960s and 1970s. In 1963, the company expanded its line of business by acquiring outdoor equipment manufacturer Iowa which built its machines under the Homko brand name. This gave AMF enough resources to invest in its research and development sector which proved especially beneficial for the company in the times to come. 1976 came as a rough year for AMF and it was forced to stop tractor manufacturing. The local management acquired the facility and started production of its own machines as Western International in 1982. However, the turbulence again forced it to be sold and the factory eventually ceased operations in 1988. During the years of its service, AMF offered more than 20 tractor models to its customers. These machines varied in power from 4 to 14 horsepower and were thus compact-sized tractors that could only undertake relatively easy tasks. It was for this reason that the company could not stand a chance against the fierce competition that this segment experienced especially in the latter part of the twentieth century. Some of the tractor models offered by AMF included but were not limited to 1414, 1288 and 1261.

List of tractor models

Model Power Year of production start Year of production end
1261 8 hp 1977 1977
1010 10 hp 1971 1972
1260 8 hp 1966 1966
1262 5 hp 1966 1966
1238 4 hp 1965 1965