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Antonio Carraro farm tractors

Antonio Carraro was an Italian tractor manufacturer that specialized in the production of 4WD tractors. These tractors were meant to undertake even the most challenging tasks in rugged terrains with ease. This is why the company was able to set itself up as a brand that didn’t compromise on the quality of its products. Antonio Carraro decided to establish his tractor manufacturing brand in 1960 in order to bolster the operations of his family-owned Carraro group, which was already serving the needs of customers. The company's initial focus was to provide tractors for aiding farmers in the Mediterranean region with their daily tasks. However, as time passed, these machines evolved into cutting-edge equipment capable of performing a wide range of tasks. Antonio Carraro has provided its customers with a total of 30 different tractor models over the course of its operations. These machines ranged in power from 31 to 95 hp and were thus adequately powered to meet the needs of the average farmer. Some of the models offered by Antonio Carraro included but were not limited to Mach 3, Mach 4 and TTR 3800.

List of tractor models

Model Power Year of production start Year of production end
Mach 4 87 hp 2019 2023
Mach 2 87 hp 2014 2014
SRH 9800 87 hp 2012 2017