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Arctic Enterprises farm tractors

Arctic Enterprises, the manufacturer of Arctic Cat snowmobiles, purchased General Leisure Products in 1971 (previously known as General Appliance). General Appliance was a Nebraska based company that produced its lawnmowers under a plethora of brand names including Bonanza, Vacumaire, Torque-o-Matic and Lawn Lion. However, after the change in ownership all these lawnmowers were now sold at Arctic Cat dealerships under a common brand name. Although the need for lawn mowers has increased ever since the venture of Arctic Enterprise could not meet the pre-defined requirements and eventually had to stop operations within just three years in 1974. During its operational years, more than 10 models were offered to customers that had powers ranging from 7 to 8 horsepower. These compact machines were not very effective and a major factor that contributed to their overall demise was the cost at which they were offered. With several other options available from competitors, at highly reasonable prices, Arctic Enterprises didn’t stand a chance and this is why it was unsuccessful in setting up its repute in this segment. Some of the models offered by the company included but were not limited to D-1005, E-3412 and E-2406.

List of tractor models

Model Power Year of production start Year of production end
E-3410 8 hp 1973 1973
E-3411 8 hp 1973 1973
E-3412 8 hp 1973 1973
D-2353 8 hp 1972 1972
D-2354 8 hp 1972 1972
E-2406 8 hp 1972 1972
E-2408 8 hp 1972 1972