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Ariens farm tractors

Ariens is a family-owned business from the United States that produces a wide array of lawn maintenance related items. The Ariens group as a whole owns several smaller companies including Countax, Gravely and Rapid Care. The company has been in operations since 1933 and thus with approximately 90 years of experience under its belt, Ariens is well set to compete with all industry rivals. The brand has the honors of being used by high-end North American customers and the fact that the company states itself as the “mower of the White House lawn” should be enough to testify to its bold claims. It is also said to be the snowblower of Lambeau Field. This ensures that all Ariens products are of the highest quality, which is why the company's customers continue to use its products. These repeat customers have also contributed to the company's success, which is now estimated to have a revenue of more than $500 million, a huge figure for a family-owned business. The company entered the lawnmower segment in 1958 and has since provided top quality products that meet the needs and expectations of its customers.

List of tractor models

Model Power Year of production start Year of production end
Emperor 8 8 hp 1972 1978
Emperor 7 7 hp 1968 1972
Emperor 4 4 hp 1963 1964
Emperor 6 6 hp 1962 1968