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Ascot Universal farm tractors

Ascot Tractors imported machines manufactured by Universal, a Romania-based tractor manufacturer, into Canada. The company rebranded these machines, which were then sold under the Ascot Universal brand name. This allowed the company to generate revenue quickly. As a result, Ascot Universal was able to establish itself as a quality-conscious brand. The company survived in the Canadian market's cutthroat competition initially but eventually succumbed and is thus no longer in existence. After the company ceased operations, users of Ascot Universal machinery faced an acute shortage of spare parts, causing most machines to become inoperable, dealing a severe blow to the brand, which had already seen its last days. To add further to the misery, lack of documentation resulted in Ascot Universal completely disappearing from the list of tractor manufacturers. A total of four different tractor models were offered by the brand to its customers. These compact sized machines mostly ranged in power below 55 hp, except for the A1800A model which had 180 hp. A1800A was the only tractor model offered by Ascot Universal that was able to develop a fan base of its own due to its capability of handling even the most challenging tasks with ease. Other than this, the models offered by the company included 300, 445 and 550.

List of tractor models

Model Power Year of production start Year of production end
300 27 hp 1980 1991
A1800A 180 hp 1979 1989
550 55 hp 1974 1981
445 45 hp 1972 1981