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Avery farm tractors

Avery was founded in 1874 by two brothers named Robert and Cyrus Avery, making the company more than 150 years old. It should be noted, however, that the business should not be confused with B.F Avery & Sons, which is a separate entity. During the initial years of its operations, Avery produced planters and cultivators and it was only after shifting to Illinois in 1891 that Avery produced steam engine tractors that became a huge success. Avery's first tractors, which resembled trucks, were introduced in 1909 under the Farm & City brand. These signature tractors were easily identifiable and thus provided Avery with a significant boost in the right direction, but the success was fleeting as the depression pushed the company into warm waters. The outbreak of World War II dealt the company its final blow, from which it was unable to recover, and thus, after several reorganizations, it went out of business, and thus no Avery tractors are now in existence. During its years of operation, the company offered a total of 15 different tractor models ranging in power from 11 to 88 hp. These tractors were designed primarily for smaller clients and were generally incapable of handling more challenging tasks. Some of the models presented by Avery included but were not limited to 5-10, 7-14 and Ro-Trak.

List of tractor models

Model Power Year of production start Year of production end
20-35 38 hp 1923 1927
5-10 11 hp 1920 1922
12-20 22 hp 1920 1922
14-28 31 hp 1919 1922
18-36 27 hp 1916 1922
8-16 17 hp 1916 1922
12-25 27 hp 1912 1922