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Best farm tractors

The Best Manufacturing Company was founded by Daniel Best in 1871. It however was not focused on the production of tractors right from the beginning and the first item that it produced was portable grain cleaner. This provided him with the experience that eventually allowed Daniel to come up with a combined harvester. 1890 was a major year for the company when it acquired a part of Remington steam engine and this eventually led Best Manufacturing Company to produce its own engines which were employed in the manufacturing of tractors and combines. All seemed to be going too well for Best Manufacturing Company, however the year 1910 brought a jolt for the company when its rival Holt won a legal battle and Best ended up in the hands of Holt. Daniel Best’s son refused to work under Holt and thereby came up with a company of his own in 1910 with instead of steam engines now used upgraded gasoline engines that were more powered and better suited for tractors. In 1925 Best along with Holt consolidated into Caterpillar Tractor Company which was another industry giant. During its operations, Best offered a total of 3 tractor models to its customers which had power ranging between 33 and 83 horsepower.

List of tractor models

Model Power Year of production start Year of production end
Thirty 33 hp 1921 1925
Sixty 62 hp 1919 1925
75 83 hp 1913 1924