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Big Bud farm tractors

Big Bud was a US tractor manufacturer that came into existence in 1961 from the Wagner tractor dealership located in Havre, Montana. The brand's unique selling point was its ability to produce humongous tractors with high horse powers. These engines were installed in custom-built tractor frames because standard tractors simply were not capable enough of handling the power of these extraordinary engines. The company also came in the limelight for devising a newer and improved method that aided the owners in performing various tasks. Some of these included the company’s ability to come up with a skid system that was used during engine removal and the choice of tilting the tractor’s cabin was also introduced by Big Bud. The company was taken over by Messner Brothers in 1985, but operations soon halted after which the last tractor rolled out of the Big Bud factory in 1992. A total of 30 tractor models featuring powers in between 287 and 400 hp were presented to customers between the years 1983 and 1993. However, during this decade of production, the brand distinguished itself from all others by setting industry standards for others to follow.

List of tractor models

Model Power Year of production start Year of production end
370 370 hp 1986 1989
400 400 hp 1986 1988
360/10 360 hp 1979 1980
360/30 360 hp 1979 1981
16V-747 960 hp 1978 2024