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Bolens farm tractors

Bolens is a US-based manufacturer that has been providing high-quality outdoor power equipment to its customers for the past 150 years. It was founded by Harry Bolens and John Gilson in Wisconsin to make high-quality items accessible to interested individuals. The company delivers a lineup of equipment that is always ready to get the job done. The most significant attribute of Bolens’ products is their ability to provide many years of trustworthy performance. All this can be attributed to the company’s rich history providing it with a plethora of experience. The year 1998 was significant for the company because it was the year that Bolens was merged with Troy-Bilt. After three years, it was purchased by MTD, which continued to manufacture lawn tractors until 2010 under the Bolens brand which had been able to distinguish itself from competitors due to its emphasis on superior quality. The company offered a total of 19 different tractor models with power ranging from 15 to 29 hp. These small machines were not designed to perform difficult tasks, but they performed admirably in their assigned roles. Some of the Bolens models that need approbation include but are not limited to G244, G272 and H1704.

List of tractor models

Model Power Year of production start Year of production end
G152 15 hp 1978 1991
G154 15 hp 1978 1991
G172 17 hp 1978 1981
G174 17 hp 1978 1991