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Bush Hog farm tractors

Bush Hog is a US-based manufacturer of agricultural equipment and implements. The company has been serving the needs of local and international clients for several decades. Bush Hog has been able to win the trust and confidence of clients, thanks to the wide range of products that the company offers. Another reason behind the company’s success is that it specifically addresses the needs and requirements of customers with less than 40 horsepower, which is the most crowded market in the agricultural segment. This has provided the company with a significant push in the right direction. It also makes Bush Hog, the company of choice for a wide array of customers that want to get high-quality items for their everyday tasks. The company manufactures a diverse range of products ranging from snow equipment and boom mowers to skid steel brush cutters and tillages. Bush Hog also caters to the needs of customers in the construction and landscaping industries. The company's tagline, "If it doesn't say Bush Hog, it won't cut," demonstrates its confidence in delivering what matters most to its customers.

List of tractor models

Model Power Year of production start Year of production end
D4-7 7 hp 1966 1968