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Case Corporation farm tractors

The Case Corporation used to manufacture construction and agricultural machinery, but over time, the company shifted its focus away from construction and toward producing high-quality agricultural products. The company dates back to 1842 when it was founded under the title of J.I. Cash Threshing Machine Company. It operated under this name for more than a century but was later renamed to J.I. Case Company. For 66 years the manufacturer continued its operation under this title and was later finally renamed Case. The Case Corporation's distinct entity, however, came to an end at the end of the nineteenth century when the company was finally taken over by CNH Global, thereby becoming a part of the $50 Billion agricultural behemoth. The company now operates under the name of Case IH and has since 1984 offered more than 468 tractor models to its customers ranging in power options from 16 to 620 hp. Various tractors manufactured by the company under the banner of Case Corporation are still in operation and meeting the needs of their owners. This speaks highly of the company’s focus on producing superior quality products for its customers.

List of tractor models

Model Power Year of production start Year of production end
12-20 22 hp 1921 1924
15-27 30 hp 1919 1924
10-18 20 hp 1918 1920