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Centaur farm tractors

Centaur was founded in 1921 as Central Tractor Company. However, in just 7 years it rebadged itself to become Centaur Tractor Company. This name was borrowed from the company’s Centaur tractor model 6-10. The most popular model of Centaur was presented under the name of Klear View which was aimed at providing maximum ease to the tractor operators. This machine had a completely new design that had never been seen or heard of before, allowing the users to see a large portion of the ground beneath the tractor, thereby making it easier to operate it even in the most difficult terrains. The production of the Klear View tractor began in 1935, but the company soon ran into financial difficulties, and in 1940 it was purchased by Le Roi, a company that supplied engines to Centaur. No Centaur tractors are now in existence as the company ceased operations more than 80 years ago. During the entire era of its operations, Centaur offered a total of 3 models to customers which included AG-48, KV and KV-22. These were compact tractors generating a mere 27 hp thereby rendering them useful only for a selected range of applications.

List of tractor models

Model Power Year of production start Year of production end
AG-48 27 hp 1948 1950
KV 30 hp 1940 1948
KV-22 89 hp 1935 1940