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Challenger farm tractors

The Challenger brand was conceived in 1986 by Caterpillar Inc. but later became a part of AGCO in the year 2002. As of today, these tractors are manufactured under the AGCO Challenger brand name and these heavy-duty machines can be procured from Caterpillar dealerships. Challenger, as the name indicates, was a tractor designed to easily perform challenging tasks with ease. The USP of this brand was its rubber-tracked feature which was designed specifically to work in rough terrains where normal tired tractors get stuck. Over the years, the Challenger brand has been expanded to make room for some wheeled options as well, without losing the overall essence of the brand itself, as these tractors also stand up to the name and deliver optimal performance even in rough settings. The brand has offered a total of 173 tractor models to customers. This wide array of options allows clients to choose the machines that completely meet their requirements. The Challenger tractors feature power options varying from 22 to 663 hp. The Challenger MT975E is a 600 plus horsepower behemoth that is a mean machine ideal for some serious work.

List of tractor models

Model Power Year of production start Year of production end
1038 396 hp 2017 2024
1042 435 hp 2017 2024
MT975E 600 hp 2014 2024
35 210 hp 1995 1998