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Chamberlain 40KA tractor

Chamberlain 40KA Specs


Manufacturer Chamberlain
Type Standard-tread tractor
Factory Welshpool, Australia
Total built 1,484


40K wide gear ratio
40KA close gear ratio


Engine Chamberlain 6.0L 2-cyl kerosene
Fuel tank 27.6 gal
Aux. fuel 4.2 gal

Dimensions & Tires

Wheelbase 83 inches
Weight 8500 lbs
Front tire 7.50x18
Rear tire 15.00x30

Belt Pulley

Diameter 13 inches
Width 7 inches
RPM 810
Speed 2740 ft/min


Engine 48.5 hp
Belt (claimed) 40 hp


Chassis 4x2 2WD
Final drives bull gear
Steering mechanical - recirculating ball
Cab Open operator station.
Transmission 9-speed

Power Take-off (PTO)

Rear RPM 540

Serial Numbers

10/1950 404
1/1951 471
12/1951 1226
12/1952 1490
12/1953 1834
Final 1887

Chamberlain 40KA engine specs

Engine Detail

Engine Detail
  • Chamberlain
  • kerosene
  • 2-cylinder
  • liquid-cooled horizontally-opposed
Displacement 368 ci
Bore/Stroke 6.125x6.250 inches
Power 48.5 hp
Cooling system thermosiphon
Rated RPM 1200
Starter volts 12

Chamberlain 40KA transmission


Transmission sliding gear
Gears 9 forward and 3 reverse

Chamberlain 40KA dimensions


Ag front 7.50x18
Ag rear 15.00x30


Wheelbase 83 inches
Length 135 inches
Width 68 inches
Height 90 inches
Weight 8500 lbs

Chamberlain 40KA photos

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