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Claas farm tractors

Claas is a German agricultural machinery manufacturer that supplies superior quality products to clients located around the globe. The company was conceived by August Class who initially manufactured mechanical binders but over the years developed the company into a major player in this sector. Most of its success can be attributed to the harvesters manufactured by the company but the tractors produced by the brand are no less than masterpieces of engineering. In 2004, Claas acquired the tractor production division of Renault thereby bringing an end to tractors produced under the former name. With more than 11,500 employees and revenue of more than $5 Billion, the company is one of the giants of its industry and leads from the front in terms of innovation and technology. Until now, Claas has offered more than 112 tractor models to interested customers with powers ranging from 56 to 520 hp. The 520 hp machinery is specifically designed for tasks requiring seriously powerful machinery and Claas has always delivered up to the expectations of its clients. Some of the latest tractor models presented by Claas include but are not limited to Elios 210, 220 and 230.

List of tractor models

Model Power Year of production start Year of production end
Nectis 217 56 hp 2004 2014
Nectis 227 68 hp 2004 2014
Nectis 237 79 hp 2004 2014