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Cockshutt Farm Equipment Limited farm tractors

Operating between the years 1957 and 1962, Cockshutt Farm Equipment Limited was a large Canadian tractor manufacturer that functioned from its headquarters based in Ontario, Canada. The company’s history is quite rich as it was founded by James G. Cockshutt in 1877 under the branding of Brantford Plough Works. However, the name was changed just after five years. It is also pertinent to mention that Cockshutt Farm Equipment Limited was part of a group that ran several other companies as well. In the early years, the company had to go through several presidents before finding Frank Cockshutt who stayed on the seat for a while and thus aided the company in growing by steering it in the right direction. In the beginning, Cockshutt Farm Equipment Limited lacked a unique tractor design of its own. It was thus forced to distribute the model 20-35 produced by tractor manufacturer Allis-Chalmers. However, after a few years, the company got the honor of producing the first line of Canadian modern farm tractors. A major turn of events took place in 1961 when White Motor Company took over the charge of the tractor manufacturing division of Cockshutt Farm Equipment Limited and after that, the name vanished from the list of tractor producing companies. It offered a total of 43 different tractor models to its customers throughout the years of its operation. These models had power ranging between 20 and 145 hp.

List of tractor models

Model Power Year of production start Year of production end
35 47 hp 1956 1958
20 33 hp 1952 1957
30 31 hp 1946 1957