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County farm tractors

County started its business as an automobile manufacturer that was conceived by two brothers Percy and Ernest Tapp in 1929. Initially, the company was named County Commercial Cars which transformed Ford trucks into other useful machines. During the first few years, the firm concentrated solely on the production of these automobiles, and it wasn't until 1948, well over a decade later, that the firm noticed strong demand in the tractor manufacturing segment and thus offered its first product to customers. The prime time for County however came in the 1960s and 70s when it gained fame for converting Ford trucks to 4WD tractors which enabled the local farmers to perform their everyday tasks with ease. One significant advantage of using Ford truck engines was that users across the country trusted them, allowing County to quickly gain customers. County faced financial constraints in the 1980s and was forced to cease operations in 1987. During the years of its operation, County offered a total of 18 different tractor models to its customers. These machines ranged in power from 27 to 188 hp. Some of the models offered by the company to its customers included but were not limited to 1164TW, E27N Full Track and Super 6.

List of tractor models

Model Power Year of production start Year of production end
762H 75 hp 1975 1981
764 77 hp 1974 1976
754 74 hp 1968 1974
654 72 hp 1964 1968