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Cub Cadet farm tractors

Cub Cadet is an outdoor power equipment manufacturer from Ohio, USA that also manufacturers compact-sized tractors. The company was formed in 1960 and currently operates as a subsidiary of MTD Products which acquired it in 1981. In the initial years of its operation, Cub Cadet functioned as the garden tractor line of International Harvester. In 1993, the company imported Mitsubishi tractors to the United States under its brand name and sold them to meet the requirements of the public. In 2006, a new phase of operations began for Cub Cadet when it entered an agreement with Yanmar after which the brand sold Yanmar tractors under its name. In 2011, Yanmar America was able to take full charge of the Cub Cadet compact tractor division and since then the Cub Cadet name has been completely dropped from this product line. Over the different years of production, a total of 43 tractor models have been manufactured under the Cub Cadet branding that ranged in power from 19 to 48 hp. Some of the models offered by Cub Cadet included but were not limited to Ex 3200, Sc2400 and 7275.

List of tractor models

Model Power Year of production start Year of production end
5234D 23 hp 2004 2008
5252 25 hp 2004 2008
5254 25 hp 2004 2008