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Daedong farm tractors

Daedong is a South Korean agricultural machinery manufacturing firm that was founded in 1947 however the company’s first tractor was not produced until 1968. During these two decades, Daedong concentrated solely on the production of agricultural equipment, and only after it had established itself as a reputable brand did it offer its tractors to customers, which were enthusiastically received by the general public. The company currently operates from its headquarters in Daegu, South Korea, and generates billions of dollars in revenue (local currency). This speaks volumes about the trust that the company has instilled in its customers. Daedong sold its products in the United States under various brand names, including Kioti and Daedong-USA. Farmers in the United States value these products primarily for their durability and low cost. Daedong provided its customers with a total of 27 tractor models ranging in power from 21 to 92 hp. These machines catered to a wide range of audiences, and the brand's main customers were farmers who valued superior build quality above everything else. Some of the tractor models offered by the company to its customers included but were not limited to CK20, CK30 and EX50.

List of tractor models

Model Power Year of production start Year of production end
DK752 72 hp 2007 2017
DK902 90 hp 2007 2017