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Dutra farm tractors

Dutra was a Hungarian manufacturer that was also known as Red Star Tractorworks during its operational years. It was Hungary's largest manufacturer of this segment, functioning from its headquarters in Budapest. The company remained in operation for less than two decades during 1957 and 1975. With HSCS being its predecessor and RABA acting as its successor, Dutra completely vanished from this line of business within a few years as it faced tough financial conditions and was thus unable to recover. RABA, as it currently operates, bears a significant influence from Dutra, as the company continued to have an impact on RABA's operations even after it ceased operations. During its heydays, Dutra served a large region that included Europe, the Eastern Block, and the United Kingdom. However, the number of items sold in the UK all through Europe could not exceed 200. Germany was Dutra's key market, where it sold upwards of 4500 pieces. In addition to producing tractors, the company also offered loaders but the overall sales figures of even the loaders were somewhat disappointing. Some of the tractor models offered by the company included but were not limited to D4K-A, UE-50 and 4652.

List of tractor models

Model Power Year of production start Year of production end
1100 110 hp 1973 1975
1300 130 hp 1973 1975
1000 90 hp 1972 1975
4652 90 hp 1968 1970
4654 110 hp 1968 1970
UE-50 65 hp 1967 1970
D4K-B 90 hp 1964 1972
D4K-A 65 hp 1960 1965
UB-28 28 hp 1958 1970
UE-28 28 hp 1958 1970