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Eagle Tractors farm tractors

Eagle Tractors is a company based in the United States that imports Chinese-made tractors of various brands into the country. The business is headquartered in Kentucky, USA, and typically imports products from renowned manufacturers such as Kama, Shenniu, and Foton. All of these manufacturers produce high-quality products, which has helped Eagle Tractors gain prominence with relative ease. The products imported by Eagle Tractors are mostly within the power range of 30 to 85 hp, but the company is not restricted to operating only within this range. The fact that Eagle Tractors has a zero-tolerance policy regarding quality makes the company the distributor of choice for most customers. Thus, it only imports products that strictly adhere to superior quality standards. Importing tractors from well-known brands ensures that customers can put their trust in the company when it comes to delivering high-quality products. Some of the tractor models offered by Eagle Tractors to its customers include but are not limited to Eagle FT504x, Eagle 2842 and Eagle DF354t. Another area in which Eagle Tractors excels is the availability of tractor parts. This means that any product purchased from Eagle Tractors will have its parts available for repair even after several years.

List of tractor models

Model Power Year of production start Year of production end
6B 27 hp 1936 1938
6C 27 hp 1936 1938
6A 41 hp 1930 1937
E 20-35 38 hp 1920 1930
D 8-16 17 hp 1913 1916
D 12-22 24 hp 1913 1916
D 16-30 33 hp 1913 1916