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Eicher farm tractors

Eicher is a German origin company that started its tractor manufacturing in India back in 1959. The company came into existence in 1930 but in the initial years, its focus was not on the production of agricultural machinery. The company had over 35000 employees during its heydays and thus carried a huge name in the segment. During the 1970s, Eicher faced an acute shortage of resources and thus the company came under the ownership of several businesses. However, not succumbing to the damage that the losses had incurred, Eicher stopped production of tractors in 2006. During the entire course of its operation, Eicher only offered 14 tractor models to their customers with powers ranging between 24 and 60 hp. Although the number of models was very less, still the great variety of power options meant that customers could choose whichever tractor suited their needs in the best way. Some of the models that customers could choose from included but were not limited to 241, 242, 243 and 333.

List of tractor models

Model Power Year of production start Year of production end
6100 60 hp 2000 2005
380 40 hp 2000 2010
480 44 hp 2000 2012
243 24 hp 1992 2002