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Erkunt farm tractors

Erkunt is a Turkish company that was founded in 1953 and currently operates from its headquarters located in Ankara. During the starting years, Erkunt focused on the production of foundry related items and it was not until 2003 that the tractor production segment of the company was established. This set-up started operations in 2004 and worked under ArmaTrac branding which is a subsidiary of Erkunt Group. Within the first six years of its existence, Erkunt was able to achieve good sales figures with over 9000 tractors sold. These sales were not only made in Turkey, but the company also expanded its business to Jordan, Austria, Greece, Serbia, and Romania, to name a few. Erkunt initiated the business with only two tractor models but as a result of the efforts of its 1200 employees, more than 40 tractor models are now offered to customers. These machines range in power from 49 to 111 hp, indicating that the company is committed to meeting the needs of clients of all sizes and requirements. Some of the tractor models produced by Erkunt include but are not limited to Kismet 55E, Kudret 105E and Bereket 65.

List of tractor models

Model Power Year of production start Year of production end
Bereket 60E 56 hp 2010 2020
Bereket 65E 63 hp 2010 2020
Bereket 65M 63 hp 2010 2020