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Fahr farm tractors

Fahr was a German tractor manufacturer that is now part of SAME Deutz-Fahr. Johann Georg Fahr founded the company in 1870 that started operations by manufacturing mechanical binders, and the first tractor rolled out of the factory in 1938 which was named Fahr 22. It had a 22 hp twin diesel engine, thus the name also carried the number 22 to show the power rating. In the pre-WW-II era, the T 22 and Fahr Holzgasschlepper HG25 tractor models were offered to customers which did considerably well. However, the post-war era required the company to go back to the design board and come up with an extensive range of models. It was in these times that models like Fahr D30 W, Fahr D15, Fahr D17N and Fahr D180H were offered to interested customers. The turning point for Fahr took place in 1961 when KHD took control over it by acquiring 25% of its shares and then later on in 1977, the plants and business operations were acquired by the same company. SAME Deutz-Fahr continues to produce a large number of tractors each year, and because the company was formed from the remnants of the Fahr group, it is still heavily influenced by how Fahr's tractor manufacturing facility operated.

List of tractor models

Model Power Year of production start Year of production end
D12N 12 hp 1953 1954
D17N 17 hp 1953 1955
D12 12 hp 1952 1953
D17 17 hp 1951 1953
D15 15 hp 1950 1951
D22 25 hp 1949 1951