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Farm Pro farm tractors

Based in Huntington, Indiana, USA Farm Pro was a tractor importer that sold rebadged Jinma tractors in the United States during the early years of the 21st century. The company was founded in 2002 and operated as a subsidiary of Homier Distribution. Farm Pro adopted a unique method of selling its items, which were not restricted just to tractors but also included implements of various types and sizes. These items were offered for sale using the company’s online store and also by traveling tent sales. The primary operations of the brand started in 2002 when it imported Jinma tractors to the United States. The import of implements, however, started after 2011 under the colors and branding of Minneapolis-Moline. It is also pertinent to mention that some of the tractors supplied by Farm Pro were manufactured by Foton, which is a Chinese tractor manufacturing company. These items were sold at premium prices and as Jinma carries comparatively high production standards, the products were of superior quality which assisted Farm Pro in setting itself up as a brand on its own. During its operations, the company offered a total of 14 different tractors. These machines varied in power from 20 to 82 hp. These compact tractors were powerful enough to tackle the requirements of the average US farmer. Some of the models offered by Farm Pro included but were not limited to 2010, 2420 and 8220.

List of tractor models

Model Power Year of production start Year of production end
2010 20 hp 2005 2012
2430 30 hp 2003 2006
2420 20 hp 2002 2006
2425 25 hp 1996 2006