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Farmtrac farm tractors

Farmtrac was a tractor manufacturing division of the Indian Escorts group, which produced tractors for Ford prior to the creation of this brand. However, after establishing its agricultural machinery manufacturing division, it discontinued supplying tractors to Ford. As a subsidiary of Escort Agri Machinery, the company is one of several brands that operate under the umbrella of the $17 billion behemoth for the production of agricultural machinery. In 1998, the company made its North American debut by acquiring Long Agribusiness, which it used to export its products to the United States. The first few years were smooth sailing, but within a decade, financial issues caused severe turbulence for Farmtrac. As a result, the company's operations were halted in 2008 when it declared bankruptcy and was taken over by Montana tractors. Following this, the Farmtrac brand was taken off the list of tractor manufacturers. During its operations, Farmtrac offered a total of 27 tractors with powers ranging in between 27 to 114 horsepower. The compact tractors were designed primarily to meet the needs of small farmers. Some of the eminent Farmtrac tractor models included but were not limited to 8060, 8075 and 550DTC.

List of tractor models

Model Power Year of production start Year of production end
35 34 hp 2002 2003
45 42 hp 2002 2003
70 60 hp 2002 2003
80 72 hp 2002 2003
60 49 hp 1998 2003