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Gibson farm tractors

Gibson was a Seattle based US tractor manufacturer that was created by Wilbur Gibson with the aim of making a relatively low-cost tractor for the masses. The company came into existence in Longmont, Colorado and offered a wide array of products to customers before it was acquired in 1952 by Helene Curtis Industries. Western American Industries, which made sincere efforts to keep the ball rolling, proceeded with the manufacturing process in Gibson Industries. However, all efforts were futile, and the company's operations ceased in 1958. Gibson stayed in operation for only 6 years and in this tenure, a total of 8 tractor models with powers ranging between 6 and 40 hp were offered. These machines were severely underpowered and thus could not compete against the far superior competitor options. This was a major factor in Gibson's demise, and the company's name soon vanished from the list of tractor manufacturers. There aren't many Gibson tractors around anymore. The company did, however, offer the following models back in the day: A, D, E, H, I, SD, Super D, and Super D2.

List of tractor models

Model Power Year of production start Year of production end
Super D2 12 hp 1950 1958
H 27 hp 1948 1952
I 40 hp 1948 1952
D 6 hp 1947 1949