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Gilson farm tractors

Gilson was a US-based manufacturer of agricultural equipment such as tractors and lawnmowers during the twentieth century. In the 1960s, the company underwent a significant transformation when it acquired Burns, Versch, and Gearo, thereby entering the residential power equipment segment. In addition to producing its own tractors, the company also supplied products to Ford and Montgomery Ward. Both of these companies are big names in their respective fields, and having their products manufactured by Gilson demonstrates the level of trust they had in the brand's quality. The acquisition of Gilson by Outboard Marine Corporation in 1987 was a watershed moment for the company. It was later merged with the company's Lawn Boy division. After only two years, it got under the complete control of Toro, and its name can no longer be found on the list of tractor manufacturers. However, during the course of its operations, Gilson offered a large number of products to the local and international markets which included models like 720, 722 and 750. The machines produced by Gilson varied in power between 4 and 18 hp and were thus small tractors that were capable of performing only trivial daily tasks.

List of tractor models

Model Power Year of production start Year of production end
720 6 hp 1966 1967
721 6 hp 1966 1967
722 8 hp 1966 1969
60-100-01 4 hp 1962 1962