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Happy Farmer farm tractors

Happy Farmer was a US-based tractor manufacturer that operated from its headquarters located in Minneapolis. It was founded in the year 1916. Soon afterward, a major turn of events took place in which Happy Farmer went into a merger with Sta-Rite Engine Company and the two manufacturers strived hard to perform well but sales never outperformed the competitors. Another company known as Oshkosh tried to play its part in saving the brand by bringing it back to life by offering refined products. The two companies remained in collaboration until 1921 but all efforts went in vain and Happy Farmer soon ceased operations. Even spare part availability for the machines that were still in service became a great problem and therefore no Happy Farmer tractors are now in existence. The company offered a total of six different tractor models ranging in power from 13 to 26 horsepower. These machines were simply unable to compete with the far superior imported products made available by industry giants and this became one of the significant reasons that Happy Farmer had to cease its operations soon afterward. Some of the prominent models offered by the brand included but were not limited to A 8-16, H 12-24 and F 12-24.

List of tractor models

Model Power Year of production start Year of production end
H 12-24 26 hp 1922 1923
A 8-16 17 hp 1917 1917
B 12-24 26 hp 1917 1919
G 12-24 26 hp 1917 1921