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Hart-Parr farm tractors

Hart-Parr was a US-based tractor manufacturing company that was founded by two engineering students, Charles Hart and Charles Parr of the University of Wisconsin. The company holds the distinction of being a pioneer in the field of gasoline tractors, having installed the first gasoline engine in a tractor as early as 1903. This completely transformed the tractor segment, and a large number of tractors were produced in the future that followed the initial design presented by this company. As a result, Hart-Parr has played a pivotal role in the segment. However, despite being the founder of such an important technology that now plays a vital role in our daily lives, the company has been unable to gain fame, and few people are aware of its existence. 1929 brought a turning point for the company when it entered an agreement with Oliver Chilled Plow. As a result of this merger, the world-famous Oliver tractor company was formed. The company offered a large number of tractors ranging in power from 36 to 111 hp which means that it was focused on addressing the needs and requirements of all customers regardless of their sizes. Some of the models offered by Hart-Parr included but were not limited to Crop Maker 17-27, Steel King and Little Devil 25-22.

List of tractor models

Model Power Year of production start Year of production end
18-36 40 hp 1926 1930
12-24 26 hp 1924 1930
16-30 33 hp 1924 1926
17-30 33 hp 1901 1906