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Hesston farm tractors

Hesston was another tractor manufacturer that was swept away with the tides of time as the company could not stand against the fierce competition in the field of tractor manufacturing. It was acquired by FIAT in 1977 and started importing tractors to the United States that were sold under the Hesston branding. The company continued its operations in this way for the next 14 years when 1991 brought a watershed moment for it. It was acquired by AGCO this year and thus all its operating mechanics underwent complete changes. During its heydays, Hesston was a major brand in this field and thereby offered a total of 48 different tractor models to its customers. Such a large number of options meant that the company had something for every customer. These machines sported 38 to 360 horsepower engines. The smaller 38 hp tractors were aimed at farmers with limited needs and requirements. However, the bigger 360 hp engines were placed in larger machines with superior build quality which enabled them to not only undergo challenging tasks with ease but also to stand the test of time. Some of the famous Hesston models included but were not limited to 140-90, 880-5 and F130.

List of tractor models

Model Power Year of production start Year of production end
45-66 45 hp 1990 2022
55-46 50 hp 1990 2022
55-56 55 hp 1990 2022