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Huber farm tractors

Huber was an American farm tractor manufacturer that was founded in the year 1865. The company was situated in Ohio and, before WW-II, offered tractors of several types to customers. Prior to entering the tractor manufacturing business, Huber sold steam engines and farm implements to local customers. These products aided the company in establishing itself as a reputable brand capable of gaining the trust of its clients. As a result, Huber later offered gasoline-powered tractors that became a huge success in the initial years. These tractors were introduced in 1898, and full-scale production began in 1911. The onset of WW II brought significant changes for the company when its tractor production segment was halted for the manufacturing of construction equipment. Huber was finally sold in the 1960s when the Ohio based factory stopped its operations. The company provided its customers with a total of 26 tractor models during the manufacturing process. The power of these machines ranged from 21 to 77 hp. Such small tractors were incapable of competing against competitors' more powerful options, which was one of the reasons why Huber failed to survive in the cut-throat competition. Some of the tractor models offered by Huber included but were not limited to 20-40, 30-60 and SC.

List of tractor models

Model Power Year of production start Year of production end
15-30 Farmer 33 hp 1921 1925
12-25 Light Four 27 hp 1916 1929
13-22 Farmer 24 hp 1912 1912
17-19 Farmer 21 hp 1911 1911