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Hurlimann farm tractors

Hurlimann was a Swiss company that was founded in 1926 in Wil, Switzerland, making it more than 90 years old and providing it with a rich history that has helped it stand the test of time. The main reason for Hurlimann's fame is that it is regarded as a pioneer in the field of direct injection diesel engines. The company experienced a defining moment in 1975 when it was acquired by industry behemoth SAME, which continues to manufacture Hurlimann tractors to this day. However, Hurlimann still exists as a standalone company operating under SAME. The tractors produced by SAME and Lamborghini closely resemble those produced by Hurlimann, and thus anyone with even a cursory knowledge of this company can easily identify the link between these brands. The brand has produced a total of 63 different tractor models with power ranging from 25 to 263 hp. This means that it has provided a product for every customer, regardless of size or needs. Some of the tractor models produced by Hurlimann included but were not limited to 910.4 XT, H-358 Prestige and H-655 XA.

List of tractor models

Model Power Year of production start Year of production end
911 XT 110 hp 2000 2003
908 XT 85 hp 1995 2004
909 XT 95 hp 1995 2004
910.4 XT 103 hp 1995 2004
910.6 XT 105 hp 1995 2004