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IMR Rakovica farm tractors

IMR is the acronym for Industrika Motora Rakovica which was a Serbian manufacturer of tractors. The company began its journey as a producer of aircraft engines in 1927 and during the initial years of its service, it emphasized solely on this segment. It wasn’t until the 1940s that IMR Rakovica decided to enter the tractor production industry after witnessing a boom in this field in the post-WWII era. Because it lacked the capabilities and experience in tractor design, the company had to rely on Perkins and Landini for assistance. This, however, proved to be a blessing in disguise, as it meant that IMR Rakovica had an advantage over other local manufacturers who typically produced substandard products in their founding years. During its operations, the company provided its customers with a total of 15 different tractor models. This figure may not be as impressive as that of other international suppliers, but was adequate for meeting the needs of the local market. These machines were available with engines ranging from 33 to 132 horsepower, meeting the needs of a wide range of Serbian farmers. Some of the tractor models offered by IMR Rakovica included but were not limited to R 35 DV, R 65 – 12 DS DV and R 110 DV Turbo.

List of tractor models

Model Power Year of production start Year of production end
R 65 -12 DS DV 63 hp 2003 2013
R 75-12 BS DV 63 hp 2003 2013
R 50 DV 46 hp 1994 1994
R 55 46.9 hp 1994 2004
R 47 46 hp 1984 1994
R 35 DV 33 hp 1984 1984
R 60 46.9 hp 1967 1977
R 60 Super 46.9 hp 1967 1977
R 65 Super 63 hp 1967 1977