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Ingersoll Rand farm tractors

Ingersoll Rand is a family of businesses that collectively provide a multitude of products aimed at making human lives easier by assisting in everyday life processes. The company was founded more than 160 years ago in 1859 in the United States and has its headquarters based in Wisconsin. Furthermore, with more than 6700 employees and equity of over $4 billion, the company is a major player in the segment providing machinery and parts around the world. However, the arrival of the twenty-first century forced the brand to sell off parts of its subdivisions to other manufacturers, and thus in 2007, Doosan acquired Bobcat, while Ingersoll Rand's road construction division became a subsidiary of Volvo. Over the years, the company presented only three tractors to its customers because tractor production was never Ingersoll Rand's core business. These tractor models were the BL-275, BL-300, and BL-570, with horsepower ranging from 31 to 56 hp. These small machines could not undertake challenging tasks however performed fine when the requirements were not as stringent.

List of tractor models

Model Power Year of production start Year of production end
BL-275 31 hp 2005 2007
BL-370 46 hp 2005 2007
BL-570 56 hp 2005 2007