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Interstate Tractor farm tractors

Interstate Tractor was a US-based tractor manufacturer that was founded as a result of the re-organization of Sandy McManus Engine Company in the year 1915. It was based in Iowa and offered products from its factory located in this region. The company’s tractors were mainly composed of components from third parties and thus Interstate Tractor was never able to stand out of the crowd in its initial years but slowly gained momentum which resulted in considerable sales figures in the post WW I era. This significantly boosted Interstate Tractor in the right direction and allowed it to gain the ranks of one of the major tractor manufacturers of the country. However, this success was short-lived and was followed by a slump in sales which plunged the company into complete darkness by the end of the year 1920. During the entire course of its operations, Interstate Tractor was only able to offer a total of three different tractor models to its customers. These tractors ranged in power from 22 to 33 hp and were thus small machines with limited output. This is why Interstate Tractor was never able to gain the interest of major clients. The models offered by Interstate Tractor included Plow Boy 10-20, Plow Man 13-30 and Plow Man 15-30.

List of tractor models

Model Power Year of production start Year of production end
Plow Man 15-30 33 hp 1918 1920
Plow Boy 10-20 22 hp 1916 1918
Plow Man 13-30 33 hp 1916 1920