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KAMCO farm tractors

KAMCO is the acronym for Kerala Agro Machinery Corporation which is an Indian manufacturer of farm tractors and other agricultural equipment. The project was funded by the Indian government and thus KAMCO was conceived in 1973 for producing tractors that would assist the locals of the Indian state of Kerala. The goal for KAMCO was to eventually contribute to the development and growth of the Indian economy, and the company has lived up to expectations. Sales were relatively low in the early years, but as the company established itself as a brand that earned the trust of its customers, thousands of units are now sold annually, and they are well-liked throughout the country due to their superior build quality. However, one domain where KAMCO has no chance against its competitors is the number of options available to customers. With only one model available, KAMCO effectively forces customers to choose the TeraTRAC 4WD tractor with 15 hp. Some clients believe that this machine is underpowered, and as a result, they have to seek out other manufacturers if their requirements are greater than 15 hp.

List of tractor models

Model Power Year of production start Year of production end
TeraTRAC 4W 15 hp 2018 2023