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Keck-Gonnerman farm tractors

Keck-Gonnerman was a US-based tractor manufacturer that was located in Indiana and offered a wide array of products to customers. It began as a blacksmith shop, but after seeing the boom in the tractor manufacturing segment and its demands both locally and globally, the company decided to enter this segment because it was highly lucrative. The different tractor models of Keck-Gonnerman could not keep up with the changing market dynamics and this is why the company had to cease operations in 1937. After the production was halted due to a lack of demand, spare part availability became a major issue, and the machines that were already in service were also brought to a halt. As a result, no Keck-Gonnerman tractors can now be found in working condition. Customers were given a choice of five models, ranging in power from 13 hp to 65 hp. These were relatively compact machines aimed solely at small farmers. However, Keck-Gonnerman was never able to make a name for itself in the segment the required machines capable of handling more difficult tasks. Some of the models offered by the company included but were not limited to 25-50, 18-35 and 30-60.

List of tractor models

Model Power Year of production start Year of production end
18-35 38 hp 1928 1937
25-50 55 hp 1928 1937
30-60 66 hp 1928 1937
15-30 16 hp 1920 1927
12-24 13 hp 1917 1918