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Knudson farm tractors

Knudson was a North Dakota based tractor manufacturer that specialized in the production of self-levelling and crab steer tractors. The company was established by Jerome Knudson who distinguished its products from that of competitors by painting them in white and green colors. As a result of this, these machines could easily be identified even from a long distance. The brand continued to operate for a while and offered several products under its badging. However, it was finally sold to Allmand Brothers. The production continued at the Nebraska based factory until 1983 however it is pertinent to mention that during the last few years of production, Knudson lost it's signature white and green paint and all products were now offered in yellow color. Knudson operated between 1974 and 1983. In this timeframe, the company offered a total of 5 different tractor models that ranged in power from 360 to 400 hp. This meant that all the machines offered by Knudson were gargantuan and were not aimed at the average farmers. As a result, the brand was never able to gain the support of the local community. Some of the tractor models offered by Knudson included but were not limited to 4360, 4400 and 260.

List of tractor models

Model Power Year of production start Year of production end
4360 360 hp 1981 1983
4400 400 hp 1981 1983