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Komatsu farm tractors

Komatsu was conceived in 1917 under its parent company as a mining tool manufacturer. However, in 1921 Komatsu separated itself from being a subsidiary to make a presence of its own. The company also has the honor of developing the first Japanese crawler tractor that was debuted in 1931. The 1970s and 1980s were of prime significance for the company as in these decades Komatsu manufactured tractors for International Harvester, another industry giant, under its KIMCO joint venture. As of today, Komatsu is the world’s second-largest construction equipment manufacturer second only to Caterpillar. However, it has never been able to become a major player in the tractor manufacturing segment. Throughout its years of operation, Komatsu only offered only three tractor models to its customers which can be one of the reasons that it has not been able to stand against the stringent competition in this field. This is primarily due to the company’s focus on manufacturing construction equipment only. The models offered by Komatsu ranged in power from 76 to 95 hp which translates to the fact that even these tractors were big machines that were capable of undertaking challenging tasks with ease. The company never offered a sub 50 hp tractor model and thus it is evident that Komatsu never targeted small farmers.

List of tractor models

Model Power Year of production start Year of production end
WB142-5 76 hp 2007 2017
WB146-5 88 hp 2006 2016
WB156-5 95 hp 2006 2016