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Lamborghini Trattori farm tractors

Lamborghini Trattori is the tractor division of the world-renowned supercar manufacturer Lamborghini Automobili. The company was founded in 1948 in Italy and continues to operate from the same location. Initially, the company had to go through a rough patch and began manufacturing from material discarded during WWII. The company's first Carioca tractors were built using differentials and engines salvaged from military vehicles. However, by the end of 1955, the company had begun producing its own engines, which played a critical role in its success. After diversifying his brand in the 1960s to produce sports cars under the same name, the company's owner decided to make it a subsidiary of SAME. Even today, the SAME Deutz-Fahr group produces tractors sold under the Lamborghini brand. Over the years the company has set itself up very well and by now it has offered more than 90 tractors to its customers. These machines had power ranging between 33 and 263 horsepower rendering them useful for a wide array of customers. Some of the important tractor models produced by the company included but were not limited to 574-70 Crono, 874-90 and Champion 135.

List of tractor models

Model Power Year of production start Year of production end
150 Racing 150 hp 1995 2001
115 Formula 115 hp 1991 2000
135 Formula 132 hp 1991 2000
165 Racing 163 hp 1991 2001
105 Formula 103 hp 1989 1995