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Landini farm tractors

Landini is an agricultural machinery manufacturer based in Italy that currently operates from its headquarters located in Fabbrico. The company was initially conceived in 1884 and therefore carries a diverse experience of more than 120 years. It is a relatively minor business with approximately 1600 employees. However, with a revenue of €500 million, Landini is a medium-sized tractor producing company that not only meets the needs and wants of Italian customers but also exports its products. The company currently operates as a subsidiary of ARGO SpA who acquired 66% shares of Landini in 1989 from Massey Ferguson. It is also worth noting that Massey Ferguson, the then-parent company of Landini was also completely acquired by AGCO in 1994. Landini has offered a total of 181 tractor models to its customer located around the globe with powers ranging from 35 to 181 HP. This means that the company is capable of catering to the needs and demands of customers of different sizes. Some of Landini models offered by the company e include but are not limited to Advantage 65F, 75F and 85F.

List of tractor models

Model Power Year of production start Year of production end
4-070 68 hp 2014 2024
4-075 74 hp 2014 2024
4-080 75 hp 2014 2024
4-090 85 hp 2014 2024
4-060 61 hp 2014 2024