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Lanz farm tractors

Lanz is a German manufacturer with a history that extends beyond tractors; prior to beginning production of these agricultural machines in 1921, the factory produced motor cultivators and steam engines. The company was so successful in the tractor manufacturing field that it produced a total of a quarter-million tractors over the next three decades, which were not only used locally but were also exported due to their superior quality. The appearance of the John Deere name on Lanz tractors in 1958 marked a watershed moment for the company. However, the Lanz brand name vanished from the tractor manufacturing domain after 1960. The factory that made these tractors, on the other hand, still exists and is operational. Customers have had access to more than 71 different tractor models from the company. The power of these machines ranged from 11 to 60 horsepower. In 1956, the company's most basic machine was an 11-horsepower tractor. This engine was included in the D1106 model, while the most powerful 60hp engine was available in the D6006, D6007, D6016, and D6017 models. This wide range of power allowed customers to select the tractors that best met their needs, and this was one of the reasons for Lanz's success because the company catered to the needs of all customer brackets.

List of tractor models

Model Power Year of production start Year of production end
200 25 hp 1966 1968
100 18 hp 1962 1966
700 53 hp 1962 1966
300 36 hp 1960 1966
500 42 hp 1960 1966