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Lenar farm tractors

Similar to several other companies, Lenar was also a US-based tractor distributor that imported Chinese tractors into the country and then sold them at premium prices thereby generating instant revenue. The company excelled in delivering state of the art machines and this is why it was able to set itself apart from the competitors in no time. In the early years, the company only imported Jiangling tractors, and its business was productive for three years. However, in the years that followed, Lenar became embroiled in a dispute with Jiangling. Later, Mahindra acquired Jiangling, restricting Lenar from distributing Jiangling products in the US market. As a result, Lenar was forced to switch to Dongfeng tractors in 2005. It expanded its business into the European market during its heydays but was forced to shut down productions in 2008 due to low sales, which put the company in a difficult financial situation. Only 9 tractor models were offered by Lenar throughout the years of its operations. This small number of options, in contrast to a wide array of products being offered by the competitors, forced the company into a disaster. The machines produced by Lenar ranged in power from 18 to 40 hp. Some of the models offered by the company included but were not limited to JL254, LE404 and LE204D.

List of tractor models

Model Power Year of production start Year of production end
LE200D 20 hp 2007 2008
LE204D 20 hp 2007 2008
LE254 25 hp 2007 2008
LE304A 30 hp 2007 2008
JL254 25 hp 2003 2005
FS274 28 hp 2002 2005
FS180 18 hp 1999 2003