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LS farm tractors

LS is a South Korean cable manufacturing company that also produces tractors. The company has a diverse background and has undergone several ownership changes since its conception. It was initially owned by Hyundai but in 1983 the tractor manufacturing facility was acquired by GoldStar. In the subsequent years, the company was renamed LG Tractors, however, in 2005 LS became the sole owner of the company after purchasing it from LG. It supplied tractors to the North American market till 2009 and was afterwards put under LS Tractors USA which now serves the needs of this market by offering a wide array of products. Over the course of its operations, LS has presented 112 tractors to its customers with powers ranging from 20 to 102 hp. This translates to the effect that LS has the capability of meeting the requirements of its global clientele. Some of the latest models include but are not limited to J2020H, J2030H and MT357. One attribute that is common in all tractors regardless of their models is the superior build quality which makes these machines extremely reliable.

List of tractor models

Model Power Year of production start Year of production end
G3033 33 hp 2011 2024
G3033H 33 hp 2011 2024
C3030 28 hp 2009 2010