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Midland farm tractors

Midland Tractors is a California-based agricultural equipment supplier. The company is deeply rooted in meeting the needs of locals by providing them with access to high-quality products. The company excels not only in the provision of new machines but also in the provision of used equipment in pristine condition. As a result, it is the supplier of choice for a diverse range of customers seeking genuine products from various manufacturers, including John Deere. Midland Tractors' after-sales services are also second to none. With a large number of spare parts readily available and the ability to provide imported items with relative ease, the company has earned the trust of customers looking for cutting-edge machines at extremely low prices. In addition to tractors, the company also provides items like field cultivators, disks, plows and rippers. Aside from that, Midland Tractors offers its customers the ability to buy items online as an add-on service. This is a significant step that has aided the company in cementing its presence in the California region. Customers can also request quotes, which allows them to determine the products that best meet their needs.

List of tractor models

Model Power Year of production start Year of production end
Bull Pup R-70 7 hp 1957 1960