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NorTrac farm tractors

NorTrac which was the acronym for Northern Tool + Equipment offered tractors in the 80s to interested customers that were willing to pick a new brand name for their tractors. The company did not manufacture its own tractors rather it sold the tractors produced by Jinma under its branding. It operated between 1986 and 1990 and was shut down after only four years of operation due to financial constraints. The tractor models offered by NorTrac, on the other hand, had names that were similar to those offered by Jinma, which made it easier for customers to identify the tractor they wanted. The company offered a total of eight tractors, which was significantly fewer than the options provided by competitors in this industry. The power of these tractors ranged from 20 to 82 horsepower, and it was because of this wide range of power distribution that the company was able to meet the needs and desires of clients of various sizes and backgrounds. Some of the NorTrac tractor models offered to customers included but were not limited to 250AS, NT-304 and NT-400. The NT prefixes in these names represented NorTrac and the models of Jinma didn’t have them.

List of tractor models

Model Power Year of production start Year of production end
250AS 31 hp 1986 1990